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Philosophy and History

We would like to give an understanding of Sri Lanka to you, far away of the tourist paths. We show destinations we previously have travelled ourselves and hope that this wonderful spark of the island also leaps over to you.

Let us go into a country that has more to offer than the countless hotels and mass tourism. Get to know the original Sri Lanka and its people with us.

Experience Sri Lanka as one of the last few islands which have not lost their tropical charm.

We have given ourselves the task to present you an understanding of this island in her multi- layered facets, which could not be more different.

For example, there are the beautiful Highlands with its tea gardens, huge waterfalls and botanical gardens.

We accompany you to the major sights which would be:

The Temple of Tooth in Kandy and the Botanical Gardens in Peradeniya., the king`s rocks in Sigriya and rock temple in Dambullah with its beautiful Buddhist statues. Enjoy with us the unique Pollonaruwa, the old royal city with its many ancient testimonies.

We create your individual trip, whether you want a 7- day Round trip or you want to combine this with a further week in one of our guest houses we will be prepared for your wishes. You can also independently book other trips . The tour gets cheaper, the more travellers take part in it. To inform us about your personal preferences you can use our contact.

We wish you a pleasant stay in Sri Lanka.

History of Sri Lanka

543 BC

Arrival of North Indian Prince Vijaya with 700 followers.
He was banished from India because of his unruly behaviour.
So Vijaya was the founding father of the Singhalese.
His father was Sinhabahu, the son of the daughter of the king of Bengal. According to legend, she had a love affair with the king of beasts, the lion. From this relationship came Sinhabahu with the lion`s paws and a daughter. The siblings got married and concieved Vijaya. That is why the Singhalese call themselves lion sons, and the lion symbol is found everywhere.
On the day when Vijaya arrived on the island, Siddhartha Gautama (Buddha) came to nirvana. Vijaya married a South Indian princess, his companions also brought their wives from South India
180 generations ruled over Ceylon for 2300 years without interuption.
Their heritage are magnificent palaces and colossal buildings.

380 BC

The king Panduk-Abhaya made the village of Anuradhapura the capital and King City. He had dams, hospitals and temples built.

250 - 210 BC

The King Devannpiya- Tissa was converted to Buddhism by the prince and monk Mahinda, son of the Indian emperor Asoka. Since then the Buddhism spread in Celyon . Tissa was brought a branch of the Bodhi tree from India by Asuka´s daughter, the nun Sanghamitta.
Among the holy Bodhi tree Buddha attained enlightment.

150 BC.

The first Tamil invasions began. The Tamil king Elara came to power.

161 - 137 BC

The Singhalese prince Duttha Gamani defeated Elara and became the new king. It always came back to Tamil invasions and Tamil and Singhalese kings rotated continually.

276 - 303 AD

The king Mahasena let build an irrigation system. That covers the area around Anuradhapura one third of the total rice cultivation of Sri Lanka.

1000 AD

Because of the constant Tamil attacks, the capital moved further inland to Pulatthinagara, later Polonnaruwa. The Colas from South India took over the capital.

1055 - 1110 AD

The Singhalese prince Vijaya Bahu I. recaptured Polonnaruwa. So once again the Tamil and Singhalese rulers rotated.


Polonnaruwa was abandoned and laid down in the jungle for 600 years to follow.


The first Europeans (Portuguese) arrived in Ceylon. As sailors settled on the southwest coast and took over the cinamon trade from the Arabs. They brought the first Christian missionaries.

1658 - 1796

The Portuguese were ousted by the Dutch.


The lucrative cinamon trade called the English`s attention to Ceylon. The invasion of the English was fairly peaceful.


Ceylon became a British Crown Colony. The road and rail network was completely expanded.


The third try to get the Highland Kandy under British authority is successful. The last Singhalese king Wikrama Rajasingha was captured and brought to exile in India.


Ceylon celebrates Independence.


It was proclaimed a Republic under the historic name Sri Lanka.


The directly from the populaton elected president has its seat of government in Colombo, today`s capital of Sri Lanka.

August 1983

Beginning of the great disturbances throughout the island.

February 2002

Armistice !!!
Peace negotiations are underway.

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